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BOOKING \buuk-ing\ v1: a rolling method by which the cigar maker layers and rolls tobacco leaves up like a scroll.

at The Booking House

Celebrate Life's Finest Moments

Before transforming into The Booking House, our building boasted a rich history as The Old General Cigar Co. Warehouse, dating back to its construction in 1884. For over five decades, it stood as a cornerstone of cigar production.

The History of The Booking House

The Rich History of The Booking House | Established 1884

Shawn Fisher Productions captured

Kiersten + Andrew's unforgettable wedding day experience at The Booking House featuring beautiful floral designs, laugher, and lots of love! 

A Stunning September Wedding

Let's Start Planning Your Next Event!

The Booking House is an industrial modern wedding + event destination in Manheim, PA. The uniquely renovated 1884 cigar warehouse holds three floors of event space for parties up to 250 guests.


Located in the old
General Cigar Co Warehouse
210 South Penn Street, Manheim, PA

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