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Sweet Summertime I Do's (and Don'ts)

There is a lot that goes into a wedding day - venue, date, color palette, budget, florals, wedding party, food, signature drinks, table linen colors, dress/suit...the list can go on forever!

Almost everything listed above, you, as the couple, are in control of! Like everything in life, there are aspects of planning a wedding that you cannot control - let's talk about weather. No matter how much you refresh your Weather App on your phone, especially spring/summer weddings, when you select your date 6 months to 1 year+ prior you just can't predict what the weather will be. At The Booking House, we absolutely love that we can offer couples our newest event space, The Atrium, to host their wedding ceremony! This sleek + modern industrial space offers the feel of an outdoor location with its large pyramid skylight, 6 garage door windows, and an abundance of natural light flooding in! No backup plan required with the Atrium if a summer storm rolls in with a 5 minute notice - we gotcha covered ;)

So, DO:

  • Pick the wedding venue that fits your style, budget, vibe, and vision!

  • Ask your venue if its climate-controlled for those hot summer days (or spring, because PA spring weather has been whacky lol)

  • Hire a team of vendors that you vibe with so that if something goes amiss on your day (it will whether you ever find out or not), you have full confidence that they will handle it!

And DON'T:

  • Get stressed if it ends up raining on your wedding day - they say it's good luck! Trust your photographer when they say that couples' portraits under a clear umbrella will be a fun moment to look back on!

  • Book a location that only has a great outdoor location, but not a backup plan that you love if the weather isn't great. If you are go with the flow, then you do you!

  • Forget to schedule a visit that industrial chic wedding venue in Manheim, PA that you've been eyeing up ;)

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